Materials for Life (M4L)

Biomimetic multi-scale damage immunity for construction materials

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Developing a new generation of unique, versatile and robust self-healing construction materials

  • Inspired by nature
  • A sustainable and resilient built environment and infrastructure
  • Self-healing materials and structures that continually monitor, regulate, adapt and repair themselves
  • Enhanced durability, improved safety, reduced maintenance costs
  • Conglomerate materials (e.g. concrete, grout, grouted soils)

Self-healing over multiple spatial and temporal scales:

  • Nano/micro - microencapsulation for chemical and biological healing
  • Micro/meso - healing through bacterial action
  • Meso/macro - physical crack-closing techniques
  • Multi-scale - flow networks

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M4L Workshop - The Use of innovative construction materials

The Art of the Possible, Wednesday 20th July 2016, London 

This is a free seminar hosted by CIRIA to discuss issues that construction practitioners have when choosing sustainable and resilient materials for their projects. It will also explore how innovative materials could be applied in construction projects in light of the findings of the Materials for Life (M4L) project. To find out more visit