Press Articles

Chemical and Engineering News. “Helping concrete heal itself” ( February 2016

World Economic Forum blog – The concrete that heals its own cracks –

Engineering News Record – “Concrete connoisseurs tweak mixes and methods for highways and bridges”, January 2016 – ( )

Press release Cardiff University - UK's first trial of self-healing concrete, October 2015 (

Construction enquirer news item about the self-healing trials starting, October 2015,


Civil Engineering, ASCE’s Magazine – “Concrete test blocks top living building”, December 2015, (

CIHT, Transportation Professional,  “Self healing structures on trial.”  Nov/Dec 2015.

World – “Self-healing concrete trialled by researchers”, November 2015, (

BBC News (Wales) – “Self-healing concrete trial launched in South Wales”, October 2015, (

The Engineer – “Self-healing concrete trials could cut £40bn maintenance and repair bill”, October 2015, (

New Civil Engineer – “Major self-healing concrete trials gets underway”, October 2015, (

Infrastructure Intelligence, “UK’s first major trial of self-healing concrete gets underway in Wales”, October 2015, ( )

The Construction Index – “Self-healing concrete trials start”, August 2015, (

The Chinese Weekly – “Self-healing concrete”, July 2015.

Telegraph – “The end of potholes? UK scientists invent self-healing concrete”, December 2014, (

La Stampa – “Here is the concrete that repairs itself”, December 2013.

Wales On Line - “Putting Welsh universities at the forefront of research”, October 2013, (

University of Bath Team hope to create concrete that heals itself - Bath Chronicle, 2013

Advances Wales - Concrete that can heal its own cracks, magazine, 2013.



BBC News (Wales) – “Self-healing concrete trial launched in South Wales”, Afternoon and Evening short video news item, October 2015, (

BBC News (Wales) – Cardiff University research into the self-healing pothole – 10th December 2014 (

ITV News Anglia - Self healing materials, December 2014 (

CNBC – The Edge: Bacterial based self-healing concrete at the University of Bath, 2013 (

Cardiff University YouTube Channel – Materials for Life (M4L): Research at Cardiff School of Engineering, October 2013 (

BBC Points West – Self healing concrete, June 2013 (


BBC Radio Wales – Self-healing concrete trials, 29th Oct. 2015 (

BBC Radio 4, Frontiers – Self healing materials, Nov 2013 (

The Naked Scientists – Concrete that can repair itself, November 2013, (

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Science Show -   Concrete that fills its own cracks, September 2013 (


Invited Presentations/lectures/keynote lectures


Al-Tabbaa A. “Self-healing concrete for low carbon infrastructure”, World Economic Forum 2016, Davos, Switzerland, January 2016.


Lark R. J. and Davies R. E. “M4L Presentation” at Swansea University Professional Development, Swansea, December 2015.

Paine, K. A. “Biomimetic multi-scale damage immunity for concrete”, Keynote lecture, UKIERI, India, November 2015.

Teall, O. “Presentation at Britpave industry conference” (Midlands, UK), November 2015.

Al-Tabbaa A. “Materials for Life: Biomimetic multi-scale damage immunity for construction materials”, Invited lecture at Chongqing University, Chongqing, China, October 2015.

Lark R.J. “Developing a self-healing material for roads and concrete structures”, invited presentation at Association for Public Service Excellence, Wales workshop, 2nd October, 2015.

Davies R. “Self-Healing cementitious materials and the Materials for Life Project” Presentation at Weber Saint Gobain Chemist European Conference, London, May 2015.

Lark R.J. “Materials 4 life: Biomimetic multi-scale damage immunity for construction materials”, invited presentation at “Issues in Concrete” workshop organised by CIRIA, 17th April, 2015.

Davies R. “Self-healing cementitious materials” Invited guest speaker ICE graduates and students, Swansea, March 2015.

Kanellopoulos A. ,Davies R., Ma C. “M4L: Multiscale self-healing for conglomerate materials”, invited presentation at Self-healing workshop organised by Shenzhen University, China, January 2015.

Davies R. and Kanellopoulos A. “Self-healing construction materials”, Invited presentations at the Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, January 2015.


Davies R., Kanellopoulos A., Sharma T. and Pilegis M. “M4L: Recent advancements”, Invited presentations at Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, December 2014.

Kanellopoulos A. “Self-healing construction materials”, Invited lecture at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, October 2014.

Davies R., Kanellopoulos A. and Sharma T. “M4L: Multiscale self-healing for conglomerate materials”, Invited presentations at TU Delft, Netherlands, September 2014.

Davies R. and Pilegis M., Presentations at the SHeMat Training School No2, Bristol, UK, April 2014.

Kanellopoulos A. “Self-healing conglomerate materials”, Presentation at Tullow Oil Plc, London, April 2014.

Kanellopoulos A. “Self-healing construction materials”, Invited presentation at the SPE Forum, Vilamoura, Portugal, February 2014.

Jornada Tecnica: Materiales de Construccion Auto-Reparables / Workshop: Self-Healing Construction Materials, 2014 ?[RD1] 

Gardner D. “Self-healing construction materials”, Invited presentation at the Concrete-Show 2014, Birmingham, UK, February 2014.

Gardner D. “Biomimetic multi‐scale damage immunity for construction materials: M4L project overview”, Invited lecture at the ICE Wales, 2014.


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